Introducing BR11 Token high growth & performance portfolio.

The 11 startups that make up the BR11 portfolio have been handpicked from 400+ Brazilian high growth technology ventures. Here is a short introduction to them.

The BR11 Token startup companies have been carefully chosen based on proven business models that are indicative of a significant market share and high annual revenues. Over 90% of the BR11 investment portfolio has overcome the initial startup establishment cycle, allowing them to concentrate on their growth phase while also expanding internationally. We are thrilled about giving more individuals the opportunity to invest in the venture capital ecosystem, and are proud to introduce the unique and highly successful BR11 startup portfolio.

Brasil By Bus
Market segment: Bus tickets
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The primary mission is to deliver a unique traveling experience for bus travelers in Brazil and abroad. We operate in a billion-dollar market where only 6% of sales are made through the internet, and online penetration grows above 50% per year.

Super Agendador
Market segment: Beauty industry
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The leading ERP + CRM SAAS provider for the Brazilian beauty industry and beyond. Provides online tools for service providers to manage their own businesses (ERP) and Customers (CRM) which helps extract more value to their bottom line.

Melhor Envio
Market segment: Logistics & Shipping industry
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Melhor Envio is the freights Gateway for e-commerce. With Melhor Envio, you can have lower freight prices with the Brazilian National Post Service and private carriers, through our contracts. We are already integrated with some of the most significant players for e-commerce in Brazil.

Market segment: Off-line media
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An online platform for out-of-home media planning, buying, and delivery. Bringing the same buying experience of the online world for the out-of-home media.

Market segment: Car mobility
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Car ownership for the 21st century. No long-term commitments, hidden costs or manual paperwork. Get a car from the comfort of your phone.

Market segment: Ticket sales

White Label SaaS platform that is embedded in the client’s own website. It Offers ticket sales and signature modules with the total control of customer engagement in real time.

Market segment: Digital marketing
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Marketing platform that helps professionals and companies to create a compelling digital presence.

Market segment: Mobile operating service
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Veek provides a transparent, fair, and 100% digital mobile operating service in an all-inclusive easy to use App. Veek is the Uber of cell phones in Brazil.

Smart Hint
Market segment: E-commerce

We believe that improving the buying experience can increase the retailer’s revenue by up to 10%. We started the company 1.5 years ago, and we already have more than 4,000 participating stores with excellent acceptance and results. We maximize e-commerce sales through an AI-based shopping cart for exit recommendations.

Market segment: Cryptocurrency trading
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Taylor is a smart cryptocurrency trading assistant — an easy-to-use trading platform that helps people earn small profits many times a day, every day.

Market segment: Urban mobility
Instagram| Facebook

An urban mobility startup that is uniting people by redefining the transportation service industry in an innovative and collaborative way (Licensing System) that brings customers and drivers fair rates.

We hope that you enjoyed learning more about the 11 startups that have been carefully chosen from a selection of over 400 Brazilian technology ventures. It’s important to highlight that all of these startups have previously secured investments from Bossa Nova Investments, the lead early-stage investor in the region and/or Latin American best startup accelerator, ACE Startups. Bossa Nova is also co-investing in a majority of the startups alongside the BR11 fund. Security Tokens are the least volatile investment in the crypto world, and BR11 is focused on providing a secure investment opportunity that drives significant value for its portfolio companies. We will cover each startup in more details shortly. Stay tuned!

Please visit our website for more information regarding our initiative and to participate in our STO. Welcome to the future of blockchain based investment and venture capital!

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Finance, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and Data Security researcher, writer, and educator.

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Renato Zamagna

Renato Zamagna

Finance, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and Data Security researcher, writer, and educator.

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